RO Dolon Series

Membrane Cases FRP

* TFC Spiral Wound Membranes 8″ diameter
* 304 or Duplex quality stainless steel high pressure pump
* St37 Epoxy painted Carbon Steel or AISI304 quality stainless steel chassis
* Cartridge filtration with 5 micron precision
* Low pressure line U-PVC PN16
* High pressure line AISI316Tİ or Duplex Stainless Steel
* Input Butterfly valve with electric actuator
* Low and high pressure switch
* Clean and Waste water flow meters
* Glycerin manometers
* Product water water conductivity indicator (0-2000µS/cm)
* Inlet and product water pH meter (optional)
* On-Off switch
* Alarm and Status lights
* 380V/50Hz/3ph
* IP56 control board

Recommended Inlet Water Limits

* Inlet water TDS: 38,000 – 41,000 ppm
* Working pressure: 50 to 70 bar
* Inlet water pressure: 2 to 5 bar
* pH range: 6 – 8
* Max. Inlet water temperature = 30° C Max.
* There should be no Hydrogen Sulfide.
* There should be no blurriness (NTU <1)

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